Mintu Plast Plc was established in 2012 initially to supply raw materials to their sister company, Ayni Industries Plc that produces quality PVC shoes, then went on to manufacture PVC compounds for PVC pipes and profiles and garden hose suppliers.

The company expanded their product line in 2015 by manufacturing PET preforms and caps for bottling and beverage companies, and is known to be one of the leading high precision manufacturer in the industry by top bottle water and beverage brands in Ethiopia, namely: Yes, Wow, Eden, Aqua Safe, Alpha, Abyssinia and Nestle, just to name a few.

In just a few years, Mintu Plast Plc has achieved a remarkable growth of 30% market share for PET preform and caps, and has acquired a large facility that focuses on high quality deliverables and innovative technologies.

Our goal is to provide a locally manufactured quality PET preforms and caps solution for our clients by eliminating the need to acquire foreign currency to purchase materials from abroad due to the volatility of the market and foreign currency problem.

With a customer-oriented focus, we can to provide the best value in PET preform by leveraging our capabilities to consistently produce a reliable, quality product. As a manufacturer, we have control over product quality and supply by reducing our reliance onoutside suppliers for key material components. This leads to decreased waste, increased quality control, reliable on-time deliveries and value for money.

PVC Compound

We offer a wide range of PVC compounds in various colors and hardness and a huge library of quality grade footwear compounds manufactured using high-end technology. All our products have a long service life and is readily available at affordable prices with customized and after-sale service.

We manufactured PVC compounds for major shoes companies and manufacturers.

Our range is widely used on applications for:

  • PVC pipes
  • PVC profiles
  • PVC compound for electric and power cable manufacturers
  • Electric and Power cable insulation
  • Frames
  • Plastic shoes
  • Plastic soles
  • Casual shoes
  • Garden hoses
PVC Compound

The machinery and equipment at our state-of-the-art facility are designed to produce various kinds of beverage bottles and caps, and all our raw materials are Coca Cola tested and approved. Water Company requires different colors so we produced different color plastics, weight and size that has to be specific.

We manufacture:

  • 20, 28,30,42 and 44 gram preform bottles and more
  • 30/25 and 28 PCO neck sizes
  • custom colors
  • 88,000 pcs per hour
  • preforms and caps using European hi-tech robotic machinery
  • using additives to enhance barrier protection from temperature, UV light and oxygen
  • at optimal stretch ratios to allow for a wide range of bottles and shapes to be produced from a single preform
  • to reduce packaging costs using preform library based on light-weighting opportunities
PVC Compound
PVC Compound

Our bottle caps are made from HDPE, that is food grade and coca cola approved material, by 2.6 grams for both CSD and still water production.

PVC Compound

Plans are in place to add more preforms to our library as we expand our business into new markets, requiring additional neck finishes and gram weights.

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